Gifts Compass can help orient you to your best gifts and greatest personal potential. We offer online assessments and train professionals in their use.

The Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) is an assessment that identifies your best gifts
The Discover Your Passion instrument will help guide you toward a career or calling.
The Job Profile assesses a career or job for the gifts needed in that work.

The GCI and Discover Your Passion Profiles, together, cost $75 USD (60 Euros). The Job Profile is currently available at no cost. A companion one-page GCI Profile ($20) is also available at no cost for those who publish a Job Profile to our database.

Training for Professionals

The Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI) is an online self-assessment that articulates a profile of dispositions for each of C. G. Jung’s original eight psychological types

We offer online training for professionals—Jungian analysts, psychologists, counselors, coaches, consultants, HR professionals, career advisers—in the use of the GCI and the Discover Your Passion instruments. The training is online and therefore available around the world.

We use Jung's original text, Psychological Types, as the primary content for the training. Chapter 10 and 11 are instrumental for understanding the types and their attributes. Chapters 2 and 5, the two that Jung regarded as most important, help to understand type dynamics and individuation

The book, Jung’s Indispensable Compass, helps to clarify Jung’s original model. The book is the culmination of a thorough inquiry into Jung's compass of psychological types, and their dynamic relationship to depth psychology. To read the table of contents, first chapter and reviews, click here.

We use eight films for case study content

The training is now available in English and Portuguese. The GCI is available in Dutch, English, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese.. Contact us to learn more.

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Seminars, Training & Events

February 11 and 18

Jung and the Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation: Two Seminars

In 1939 Jung wrote a “Psychological Commentary” to TheTibetan Book of the Great Liberation. Jung’s essay is a characteristic mixture of deep, imaginative interpretation and bold reflections on the difference between East and West. In these two seminars, we will plumb the depths of the text itself, and then the depths of Jung's commentary.

Join us to glean a deeper understanding of Eastern thought and its compatibility with Jung's psychology.

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Free "Reading the Melody" Practicum

We will consider a profile well outside the classical collaborations, one that is highly invested in receptive types with little help from rational types to provide a "rudder" for the psychic ship.

All are welcome to help consider and evaluate this profile! Join us to learn how to navigate life when the guiding rational types are absent.

February 21, 2:00 PM EST; 20:00 CET; 7:00 Lisbonl; 4:00 São Paulo; 6:00 AM Sydney


March & April 2018

The Art of Living Well.
Webinars Centered in Dialogue

If you like the idea of learning through dialogue in a group of serious, thoughtful people from all over the world, then we invite you to join us for a series of online webinars in the art of living well.

Through webinars centered in dialogue, we will consider the writing of some of the greatest minds of the ancient world. We will look at what they thought about the challenges of living and dying, and the nature of a well-lived life.

In the first series of six webinars, we will consider the question of "Happiness." Come join us for a valuable enlightening adventure in personal growth and intellectual discovery!

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March 2018

GCI Certification Training

This is an intensive ten-session online training in Jung's eight types: their practical applications for navigating life, their relationship to depth psychology, their indispensable value as a guide to individuation, and hands-on training in the use of the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI).Training is now available in both English and Portuguese.

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May 26 to June 2, 2018

Jungian Odyssey
The Labyrinth of Identity: Unveiling our Unlived Lives

Nestled in the scenic Swiss Alps, this promises to be a rich adventure in self-discovery and Jungian psychology.
Offered by ISAPZurich