About the GiftsCompass Inventory

The GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI™) is a self-awareness inventory that will help you understand your best gifts and your orientation to life experience. With the GCI, you can more readily identify fulfilling work, gain greater self-confidence, or chart a more purposeful life course.

The GCI Personal Profile provides an in-depth review of your results (approximately eighteen pages) and also includes your preferred Compass Heading.

When you have your Compass Heading, visit any of the pages under "Applying the GCI" in the menu bar to learn more about your best gifts as they relate to work, career planning, relationships, learning style, personal development, and more.

After you purchase your Personal Profile, the other tools at the site (Discover Your Passion and the Job Profile) are free of charge.

Gaining self-understanding through the GCI does not take long, but your benefits last a lifetime. When you are ready, click here to complete the GCI and gain greater self-awareness.

For a sample of the Personal Profile report priced at only €60 EUR / $75 USD, click here.