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Take the GiftsCompass Inventory

The GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI™) is easy to take and consists of three simple steps.

Step 1: Remember enjoyable life experiences.
Step 2: Summarize three of your most enjoyable experiences.
Step 3: Answer some questions about these and other experiences.


Step 1:

Remember enjoyable life experiences

Take some time, as much as you like, to recall some of your most enjoyable life experiences. In looking for your most enjoyable experiences, you could draw from any time in your life—no matter how long ago—and from any activity. Look back and recall the enjoyable experiences when you were feeling very competent and at ease.

They need not be "peak experiences"—unusual experiences that seldom occur or over which you had little control. Rather, they could be part of everyday life—your work, leisure time, hobbies or special projects, your life with friends or family, school, etc.

You should be as specific as possible, remembering specific events or activities rather than general types of activities. (Would you like to see examples of what we mean? Click here to view the experiences that we summarized for Albert Einstein in our sample profiles.)

Take some time to just sit, close your eyes, and ask yourself: What were the times in my life when I felt competent and at ease? Keep pen and paper nearby to make short notes; just let your mind wander and reminisce. List as many as you like, but you should identify at least three

(If you list experiences in the box below, they will be saved for you after you create an account on the next page.)

My Most Enjoyable Experiences