Validation Research

The GiftsCompass™ Inventory has been under development for over ten years. We have conducted extensive research studies confirming content and construct validity. The instrument's validity is enhanced by relating the assessment's questions to the life experience of the individual, rather than to hypothetical examples.

Before answering the questions, the individual is invited to recall fulfilling, positive, enjoyable experiences of life—even from early memories. The intent is to recall to consciousness the elements of life that too often get drowned out by the noise of failures, upsets, complexes, and problems. From those benificent memories, the individual is invited to summarize three of the most enjoyable experiences.

These are the three experiences the self-assessment relates to; these are the three experiences that are important to the advisor for subjectively validating the results. The premise is simple: that which has been most enjoyed, especially early in life, engages preferred gifts. If the GCI results deviate from the nature of these experiences, then it behooves the advisor to inquire more thoroughly, to understand the nature of the incongruence. If the individual needs to summarize new experiences, or retake the GCI, s/he may do so at no additional cost.

We are confident that the instrument is true to Jung's original model of psychological types. The Content Validity is summarized here: Content Validity Study; July, 2006

To ensure the highest possible levels of validity and reliability, we are eager to conduct further statistical studies. If you are a researcher interested in conducting studies using the GiftsCompass™ Inventory, please contact us.